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Pedestal of Love
Pedestals | Book 2

Chapter 1


Kathleen was a millionaire many times over but it was not until she divorced her last husband, Jimmy, that she began to enjoy her money. Even though Bobby was a police detective, he had his own millions. He came from a wealthy European family and had a trust fund. They were just beginning this adventure together – but it was a bumpy road. “Kathleen, we need to pack and leave the ship in the next two hours.” Bobby said as he looked for his toiletries. Kathleen answered, “I never unpacked Bobby, and I am ready whenever you are.” “I have a surprise for you. The FBI and the captain of this ship arranged for us to board the luxurious Crystal Symphony in two days.

It is travelling from Rome to ports all over Italy, the Greek Islands, Turkey and then back to Italy. The FBI knew it was not your fault your mother’s family, the Melitto’s, had put a hit on Dana and Gaetano’s family. After realizing that you were both booked on the Silversea cruise, they changed your reservations. We will be sailing for 17 days in unsurpassed luxury. It is almost the same itinerary. I promised to show you the world and this is a grand start.” Bobby had another idea. “Kathleen, the ports on our return trip will be Taormina and Siracusa in Sicily. You could call your mother and arrange for her to meet us on the ship in one of those towns when we dock. It would be a beautiful setting to have a long discussion.” “Bobby, it’s a good idea. I will give it some thought. I do not know if I am quite ready to confront my mother.

I know I need to do it but I am still upset she is coming between Dana and me, and she is still affecting my life in such a miserable way. We could have had a wonderful time with Dana and Gaetano on this cruise and she ruined it. I really loved meeting Gaetano’s mother and father. The Nordetti’s are the sweetest, loving couple. They are an inspiration for what a long marriage should look like. There is exquisite love between them.” Kathleen said with sadness. “My mother is an evil, horrible bitter person who is ruining everyone’s life. She never loved anyone except herself. My father died knowing she did not care for him or his kids. She worshipped money and power.” Kathleen changed the subject and asked, “What are we going to do for the next two days? Can we sightsee in Rome while waiting for the next ship?” “Yes, princess, I have arranged for us to check into the Grand Hotel Ritz. We will have a car available for us all day tomorrow. I will take you to the Coliseum and the Vatican. Then for dinner, we will have a romantic dinner in one of Rome’s famous restaurants. I want to surprise you.” He had taken care of all their needs and was excited to have her all to himself. He would show her his favorite places in the Mediterranean and make love to her until she knew she was completely and totally his. He stared at her and could not believe her breathtaking, elegant beauty.

“Now, we still have this room for a few hours. Would you like to play with me?” he whispered in a sexy voice. Before she knew what was happening, he wrapped his strong hands in her long hair and slammed his mouth down on her hard. Bobby was tall and had the rock hard body of a police detective. She loved gazing at his gorgeous chest and round ass. Mind altering heat ran though her veins. His look of lust sparked a fire in her. He threw her down on the bed, removing her shorts and panties. His hungry tongue was exploring her mouth and invading deep into her throat. His hands were exploring her slim body and circling her breasts over her tank top. He could feel her nipples getting hard as he rubbed. Kathleen moaned while he sucked her lower lip. She could not take her eyes away from his smoldering chocolate brown eyes. They were framed with lush black eyelashes and took her breath away. His brown hair fell on his forehead surrounding his gorgeous eyes. “Raise your arms above your head princess and put your wrists together.” Bobby panted as he removed her tank top and used it to tie her wrists together. He then removed his tee shirt and tied it over her eyes as a blindfold. He whispered in a gruff voice, “I don’t want you to see, I want you to feel. Feel every touch, every whisper. I want you screaming my name as I pleasure you. Do you understand?”\

She was ready to climax just at the thought of him taking over her body. She knew he had exquisite knowledge of a woman’s body, especially hers. He knew how to make her body fly with desire and have her panting, screaming his name and finally crying out in ecstasy. His tongue made its way down her stomach licking every curve. Slowing the pace, he began teasing her clit with brief touches and delicious licks. She developed a yearning that began to build into a demand for more. He quickened the pace when he felt her responding and a raging burn built inside of her. His two fingers found their way inside of her and her body jerked and gyrated. She was panting, making tiny cries and pleading for his hard, throbbing cock. He held her down and let her feel every sensation of his tongue flickering on her. He loved watching her get excited from his touch.

She was becoming all sensation, nothing else. “You like that don’t you? You like it when I bind you,” he said with an animal grunt. “You want to release all the passion inside you. Don’t be embarrassed and don’t apologize for the way you like me to pleasure you.” Bobby knew he had cracked though her wall. He had shown her she loved his taking charge as much as he loved it. She was beginning to need him deep in her soul. Her body was wildly panting and calling out his name. It would take more work as she was a strong, independent woman who was a hard nut to crack. He knew she was worth it. Everything until now was superficial. He stuck his fingers into her vagina and she screamed out. She could no longer control herself and climaxed hard as she screamed and screamed. He was going to use this trip to get inside her – mind, body and soul. “Open your legs for me princess. I need to be deep inside of you.” He sat up and placed his hot, hard cock at her entrance. She was extremely wet, he knew he could slide in easily but wanted her to savor every inch of him.

He pushed in half way and stopped. He was trying to gain his control. She felt so tight he was about to explode. He began to move in and out gently until Kathleen was screaming his name again and he thought his cock was on fire. He picked up his pace and pushed harder and faster. He was lost plunging into her deeper and deeper. He raised her knees getting as far inside her as he could. He was in ecstasy and going wild. His thrusts were strong and fast. “Cum for me again, Kathleen. I want to feel your sweet juice all over my cock,” he grunted as he panted and kept plunging into her. His brown hair had fallen over his eye and his body had a sheen of sweat highlighting his ripped chest. He was a magnificent specimen of a man. “Oh Bobby, I am cumming now! Bobby, Bobby,” she screamed. “I love watching you climax princess. It is one of the greatest gifts you could give me. I could spend my lifetime watching every part of your body sing for me,” he was whispering in her ear as he bit her earlobe. Kathleen’s climax was mind blowing and she lost her breath swirling around in never-never land.

He kept his cock in her and held her body tightly as she panted out his name. As she came down, he resumed pushing into her and built up the friction his cock was aching for. He kept gliding in and out until his body jerked violently. He let his juices squirt deep into her and kept releasing his cum thinking it would never stop. He loved the fact Kathleen had had a hysterectomy and he could screw her with a naked cock. Knowing they were skin to skin had him hard all the time. His muscled body melted her curves into him, and they slept this way until it was time for them to disembark the ship. *** Bobby loved showing Kathleen the sights in Rome. His family was one of the most powerful and richest families in Europe and he had traveled extensively as a child. His heart was full knowing he could now show Kathleen his special places.

“Do you remember how I described Italy to you on our first date?” he chuckled and said, “I did not stop talking about the beauty of Italy then and now I will be able to show you the real thing. I can show you the Italy I grew up loving.” Her family was from Sicily but she had never travelled to Rome or the northern towns. She had not experienced a happy or nurturing childhood. It meant a great deal to Bobby that Kathleen had fallen in love with him while he was working as a detective in the police department. After college, he had convinced his parents to let him live out his passion of being a policeman before taking on the duties of the family business. He convinced them to give him a few years to live an independent life.

They told him to go explore because his job with the family company would wait for him. He would take over the entire company in the future. When they met, he knew she came from money but did not know her true wealth. They both just liked each other. There was a soul connection and they were best friends in addition to being exciting lovers. Kathleen was coming alive. She had hidden her emotions for many years in order to stay with her ex-husband, Jimmy.

She had forgotten how to truly feel. Jimmy was a major developer of residential and commercial real estate. He became the manager of the Governor’s campaign in Florida before he was arrested for embezzlement and fraud and sent to prison. He will not be getting out for many years and had convinced Kathleen to divorce him and take his money. He was always cold and judgmental but she lived an extraordinary life as a socialite and philanthropist. Kathleen’s mother had interfered in her marriage and made Jimmy one of her hardened criminal accomplices. She taught him every illegitimate activity he would need to know. Kathleen had been told all her life she was breathtakingly beautiful. She always suspected Jimmy had married her because he loved the way men stared at her, but then he took her beauty and used it as weapon to control her.

He refused to have sex with her and consistently told her she was not good enough. She locked up her heart and plastered a fake smile on her face. Although her relationship with Bobby was newer, he could never get enough of her. He looked at her like she was the most beautiful woman in the world and made love to her whispering “you are perfect” all night. He searched out her opinion and they had heated debates about politics and world finances. Kathleen had studied ballet as a child and loved art and opera. After she married Jimmy, she secretly used his wealth to collect world famous art under phony names. He had no idea she owned a very respectable art collection. Kathleen was an astute business woman and had her collection hidden away from Jimmy and her family. No one, including Bobby, knew about her paintings.

It was recently appraised at many millions of dollars. Bobby knew she would be ecstatic spending time in St. Peter’s Basilica and had arranged for them to spend hours at the Vatican. He could not wait to experience her excitement as she walked under the ceiling Michelangelo painted in the Sistine Chapel. “Kathleen, are you enjoying this tour? Do you like staring at this incredible art? I hope it is opening up your heart and hitting your soul,” Bobby asked hesitatingly. “I want you to teach me everything about this art. It has taken my breath away and I want to understand the value of the masterpieces,” Bobby smiled. “Yes, Bobby, this is a dream come true for me. I love art. You have touched my heart by bringing me here. I would be happy sharing my knowledge of art with you. I am so impressed that you have an inquisitive mind.”

Every view of the city was gorgeous. They walked arm and arm down the streets and the Italian people had her smiling all day. Bobby could not remember the last time he was this happy. She educated him and shared her passion of culture with him. “Bobby, do you see how the artist painted the picture in the round. Even though it is the face of a medieval man, if you stare at the brush strokes, you will see he painted it in circles. This is why I love art. Each piece could have hidden talents to excite your imagination.” She was feeling a bit melancholy about leaving Rome until she saw the Crystal Symphony and their private stateroom. The Symphony was a smaller ship than the ships recently built holding only 900 passengers. Everything was top of the line and ultra-luxurious with huge staterooms with oversized balconies. “Come on, princess. Let’s go take a tour of this astounding ship and get a drink. We can unpack later.” Bobby could not wait to see what this cruise had to offer. Kathleen found herself relaxing and feeling safe with Bobby. She had not felt safe nor appreciated in a long time. It was an unsettling feeling and she had to constantly tell herself she deserved to feel good. She had a premonition something horrible was going to happen. *** For the next few days and nights, Kathleen and Bobby had a wonderful time meeting new friends on their cruise. They ate, danced and drank together and acted like teenagers. They met a whole group of friends that had come from the United States.

Bobby befriended the CEO of a major corporation, and they talked for hours about business and international finances. Their other friend was a Senator from the Midwest. When talking about politics, Kathleen realized the Senator was familiar with Florida’s disgraced Governor, Kevin Wills. He was also familiar with her ex-husband, Jimmy. Jimmy was the ringleader of the embezzlement scheme that got Kevin elected Governor and ended up getting both of them arrested and put in jail for many years. The Senator told her he had followed the case in the newspapers. He did not seem to realize she was Jimmy’s ex-wife. Kathleen found it strange he knew details of the scheme that had not been published, but let it go. She changed the subject and never returned to the subject of Florida’s politics. It was the first time in years Kathleen allowed herself to be genuinely happy and she was not going to have it ruined. After a relaxing day at the pool, Kathleen retired to the room to take a shower and get ready for dinner. She was standing beneath the hot spray of the multiple shower heads with her head resting on the cool tiles when she felt a cold breeze sweep through the shower. She turned to glance at Bobby’s gorgeous bottom and throbbing erection. His muscled body always turned her on. She loved his strong thighs and rock solid chest.

“I can’t keep my hands off you princess. Let me wash you.” “Is that all you wish to do with me?” Kathleen said with a sexy grin. Bobby let out a hungry grunt and reached behind her for the body soap and sponge. He brushed up against her naked flesh and was devouring her body with his eyes as he rubbed the soft sponge around her. Her breasts were the first recipient of his uncontrolled admiration. He raised her arms to run the soapy sponge under her armpit and down her sides. He circled each of her breasts until they pointed with arousal. She could not believe how sensitive her nipples were. The circular motion of the sponge caused her body gyrate. Without a thought, she moved her body as close to his as she could. It was all she could do to keep standing. He swept the sponge lower across her smooth abdomen as his mouth nipped under her ear and down her chin. He knew exactly where to touch her as he lowered the soapy sponge to her most sensitive part between her legs. Suddenly, he dropped the sponge on the floor and replaced it with his fingers. He stroked her clit until she was gasping for air. She was in a daze and did not realize he had pinned her to the wall with his entire body, his throbbing erection trapped between her thighs. He found her mouth and kissed her with such passion she thought she was being eaten alive. He could not stop kissing her. He would leave her mouth for a second to kiss her chin then return to it with a vengeance, plundering it.

She was completely overwhelmed with his passion. Bobby lifted her wet body in his arms and almost ran to the bed with her. With barely a pause, he surged his hot, hard cock into her. She gasped as she raised her legs to wrap them around his gorgeous body. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she clawed and scratched him after his every thrust. She was lost in arousal she did not know she was drawing blood. Bobby was making soft cries as he found a rhythm plunging with his tongue and his cock. Kathleen’s moans joined in his song. She grabbed his buttocks to get him closer and deeper. Their plunges had them flying and neither Bobby nor Kathleen wanted this to ever end. She spiraled higher and higher until her body spasmed and lost control. She screamed his name as her entire body clenched around him. He had never felt anything as amazing. Feeling her climax grip around his cock, he released violently. He was still kissing her as if he could not get enough and his hands were slowly roaming her body. “Kathleen, we are incredible together.” He held her in his arms as they both fell asleep.

“Why don’t we order dinner in our room and relax since we have a long day of sightseeing in Santorini tomorrow. I have arranged for a guide to drive us throughout the island and to stop at the magnificent historic churches. Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. I made sure he knew you also wanted to see the Arts Factory and the Ceramic Studio. Santorini is built on what was once a live volcano. The land is beautiful with majestic views of the water from every angle. I made arrangements for us to have a delicious lunch overlooking the water. This small island is known for its fresh seafood.” “Thank you, Bobby. You are taking good care of me.” Kathleen kissed his cheek as she finished putting on her robe. “I thought we would have a romantic dinner at the fivestar Hotel Grace Santorini.” Bobby heard something different in Kathleen’s voice. He was trained to pick up on nuances and he knew something was wrong. He thought she might be tired and decided he would let it go for now. “Princess, have you thought about calling your mother? Bobby asked with hesitation. “Yes Bobby, I decided I will call her and have her come to lunch on the ship when we stop in Sicily. Even though I think it is a good idea, I dread it. I have not spoken to her in years. Our last conversations were filled with anger and hate. We said hurtful things to each other. She insists Jimmy is in jail because of me. She has never forgiven me for divorcing Jimmy. A ‘Melitto’ does not divorce,” she consistently argued. Kathleen continued, “Bobby, I must see my mother alone at lunch.” Her voice was adamant and left no room for discussion.

“My ultimate goal is to get her to call off the vendetta on Dana and the Nordetti’s. I have no desire to have a relationship with her. Bobby, she is a very dangerous woman.” Kathleen got up and turned her back to Bobby. Bobby was shocked but hid his disappointment. Kathleen had begged him to be with her when she met with her mother and now, she was dismissing him. He would give her a little more time and then stop her when she tried to push him away again. He was not going anywhere. *** “Hi Tom, this is Bobby Thatcher, Kathleen’s boyfriend. How is your cruise on the Silversea going thus far? I hope everyone is safe and having a good time.” “Thanks Bobby, it is good to hear from you. Dana and the Nordetti’s are having a lovely time and relaxing. Thankfully, they are unaware of the danger all around them. How is everything going on the Crystal Symphony? I heard it is a beautiful ship as well.” Tom continued with the small talk giving Bobby the room to take the lead on the reason for this call. Tom and Matt were with the FBI and were acting as Dana’s security detail.

“Yes, it is a magnificent ship and the service and food are excellent. Kathleen is happy but disappointed we could not be all together. She really liked Dana and loved meeting Gaetano’s parents. Tom, in that vein, she has arranged to meet with her mother on the ship when we dock in Sicily. I wanted all of you to know she is keeping her promise. I thought you should know in case you wanted to provide additional security during this time.” “Bobby, thank you for letting me know. I was going to call you today as well. The FBI has picked up increased dangerous chatter on the internet coming from the Mellito family regarding Dana and the Nordetti’s.” Tom hesitated and slowly continued, “You should also know Kathleen’s name has been mentioned many times. It seems they are after her as well. Her mother is a vile, angry woman and will harm her if it means protecting the business. Her mafia family has been diversifying their businesses and moving out of Sicily. The Melitto’s planned on doing business in the United States starting in Florida. Kathleen’s mother was using Jimmy to run the United States operations, and she blames Dana and Kathleen for thwarting their efforts. By interfering and having him arrested, the family lost millions of dollars. You must tell Kathleen she is in danger – even from her mother.” “Bobby, I am distraught that I have to relay this to you.” Tom was a good man and he could not believe a mother would turn against her own daughter just for money.

“Have you increased security around the Nordetti’s already? Will the FBI assist in keeping Kathleen safe as well?” Bobby’s voice could not hide his concern. “Bobby, I have already received approval from our head office to get agents on board the Crystal Symphony to protect you and Kathleen. You and I will be coordinating this together by phone from now on. The agents are scheduled to board from Santorini. I removed your guide and planted one of the agents in his place. We have added security on both ships as well. Until this is resolved, we all must assume the danger is everywhere.” “Thank you Tom for this coordination. Kathleen insists she meet her mother alone. We will have to secure the area without alarming Kathleen.” Bobby was mentally organizing the lunch trying to imagine the safest place for them to meet.

“Bobby, we still have a few days. Until then, I have notified the ship’s management that they have to thoroughly screen everyone that boards the ship at every port. They will be sending a copy of the passports to the FBI and everyone boarding will be checked. We have increased the security at the boarding gate on this ship as well.” “Please thank the FBI for their assistance. Tom, it is a pleasure working with you. I am more at ease knowing you have everything under control.” “Bobby, Matt and I send our regards to you and Kathleen. We will both be in touch. Reach out at any time you need us. We are here for you.” Bobby’s head was spinning. He was shocked to hear that Kathleen was in such imminent danger. He needed to get air to center himself.


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