Love, lust and heartbreak united to change all their lives. Katrina got an Ivy League education and wanted to see the world before returning home to carryout her royal duties. She was hired by the FBI so she could work but be protected at all times. Little did her royal father know that Tom and the FBI agents would lead Katrina on a journey that could bring down her royal family. Katrina fell in love with powerful and sexy men whose love and heartbreak molded her into becoming a woman capable of running a country.

About the author

“All I can strive to be is the absolute best possible version of myself.”

Michele Steele spent her younger years living in Tokyo Japan. It opened her up to the beauty in different cultures. As a child, she vowed to travel the world and would dream of falling in love; letting her imagination describe her perfect partner.

Michele landed in Boca Raton, Florida knowing no one and opened a retail business that was voted “The Best of Boca” by her customers. She had the privilege to be invited to sit on the Board of Directors of Caldwell Theatre, Jan McArt’s Royal Palm Dinner Theater, LEAH, and The Humanitarian Society.  She loved the majesty of theater and the power of the written word.

Michele also served as the Founder and President of the Downtown Business Alliance in Boca Raton. She always feels a desire to give back to the community that made her feel so special and welcomed. She was lucky enough to mingle with many of the most powerful and affluent members of the community.

Michele Steele


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